Cleaning boats and structures from fouling

Lavo con l'aqua. Lavo sotto l'aqua.

Aqua Clean offers a wide range of underwater cleaning services including complex geometry surfaces.
We clean yacht and boat hulls, propellers, chains and grids, offshore platforms, pipelines, tanks and containers, fishing equipment and many more.

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Welcome to Aqua Clean

We are saving your time and money:
You do not need to lift up your boat. You do not need to book elevating crane time, you do not need to navigate your boat to marina with elevator. We come to you no matter where you are. All cleaning operations will be completed at your home marina at minimal time.

We are using green technologies:

We clean with water and underwater. We use innovative cavitation technology. No chemicals, no hazardous pollution, zero harm to the sea and nature.

We work with any type of surfaces:
Metals, concrete, glass, plastic, fiber.

We guarantee no scratches on your paint.

You fully control the process:
We offer free-of-charge video of under water cleaning of your vessel.