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Cashback reward program

Cashback reward program

Mediation commission guaranteed!

cashback for capitans cashback for skippers For captains and skippers who want to earn extra money. We have prepared a special program, under the terms of which we pay monetary compensation to intermediaries, whose actions helped us to get an order for underwater cleaning.
  • 12% for boats up to 15 meters long
  • 8% for boats from 16 to 30 meters long
  • 6% for boats from 31 meters and above
Our deductions to you will be approximately 60 euros or more, depending on the composition of the service. The more we need to clean – the higher your bonuses will be. The bigger the ship – the more money you get.

How it works? What can you do?

If the order is made by the captain or skipper:

  1. Place an order for cleaning and pay in full
  2. Send confirmation that you are not the owner of the vessel
  3. After the final completion of the work you get bonus cash back

If the owner of the vessel makes the order

  1. Let us know at on the upcoming order
  2. The owner of the vessel pays for the work in full
  3. You get a bonus cash back for intermediary services

*Please note that the Captain must not be the owner of the vessel!

For our other services, we also guarantee intermediary rewards

cashback for capitans cashback for skippers