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The most common questions of our customers fall into this section. Read, surely you will find what you are looking for. If this does not help – be sure to write your question to us! We will try to answer as quickly as possible.

The cost of cleaning your boat from biofouling can be found on our website Especially for this we have prepared special calculators. Select your boat type and fill in the required information. If you have correctly entered all the necessary data, you will receive the final cost of cleaning your boat from biofouling, which will be the basis for the formation of the order. Only time will be left to agree.

Here are the calculators to calculate the cost of biofouling treatment:

If you want to make a custom order or make additional work that is not included in the calculator – please contact us at

Biofouling is unwanted accumulation of marine organisms on both natural and artificial substrates, including aquaculture stock and products (such as biofouling of mussel or oyster shells), artificial infrastructure (including vessel hulls, rudders, propellers and other hull appendages), internal seawater systems (including sea chests and pipe work) or any submerged equipment used in the industry. 

We have prepared a detailed article where you can find more on the question “what is biofouling?

Biofouling is an irreversible process to which any surfaces in water are exposed. Over time, the biofouling layer accumulates and passes all stages from a thin biofilm to a heavy calcium layer. The thicker the layer-the greater the drag is experienced by the vessel. The greater the resistance-the greater the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. If you use a sail, the wind energy is used to overcome the drag experienced by the vessel due to the presence of biofouling on the underwater surface. For commercial vessels in constant motion, the increase in fuel consumption can reach 60% or more. 

There are several methods to remove biofouling from the surface. We offer the fastest and most harmless – cleaning of the underwater surface with a jet of water under ultra-high pressure. It is safe for anti-fouling coating and leaves no scratches. Your boat also does not need to be lifted out of the water, cleaning takes place where your boat is.

No, you don’t need to go anywhere. Our team comes to the Parking place of your vessel and all works will be carried out there. If your boat is in a closed area-you need to provide us with a pass.

Absolutely nothing. The advantage of our method is just that we can guarantee 100% no scratches. This possibility exists due to the multi-level protection that we use:

  1. Our method is non – contact. We clean with a high-pressure water jet.
  2. The water conveyed through the required filter. We use different filters on different objects. On large commercial vessels of 100 microns, on small private yachts with a more gentle coating, we use filters of 20 microns.
  3. All tools that the diver uses underwater are equipped with additional soft rubber tips, which in the case of force majeure physical contact with the surface will not leave traces.
  4. The staff is reliably instructed on the subject of the obligatory presence of tenderness in the interaction in the body. Attitude as to his girlfriend.

So far, we have not had a single complaint that we have damaged the underwater surface.

Remember that absolutely any contact method of removing biofouling is sure to 100% likely to leave scratches on your body. Even if your ship will be washed on land with a high-pressure washer-the body will be scratched when they lift the crane.

Use the services of non-contact cleaning AQUACLEAN.TECH right in the mooring of your boat. This is the most reliable way!

We operate throughout Croatia, but our head office is located in Pula (44°49’05.5″N 13°52’37.8″E). At particularly long distances, the cost of delivery of equipment is a significant part of the cost of our services. We understand this and strive to develop territorial representations. But be sure that we do not charge you more than the cost of fuel and toll roads.

We are looking for partners in the regions of Croatia. If you are ready to become our regional partner – write a letter to our Director directly to email: 

The process of cleaning the underwater surface from biofouling takes relatively little time. If we talk about a sailing yacht 20 meters long with an average level of biofouling (FR-20 or FR-40 according to our classification), then full quality cleaning will take about 4 hours if one diver works. Additional time will be required to connect the equipment and video the underwater part of the hull before and after cleaning.

For larger projects, we use several mobile teams, which will significantly reduce the time and improve the quality of work.

Of course, the price depends on the season. If we are talking about private owners and small boats, then closer to the summer the demand increases significantly and there are very few free days. Plan cleaning in advance!

You have several opportunities to reduce the cost.

You can share the cost of shipping of our equipment with your mooring neighbors. It all depends on you. We do not exclude that with a certain number of simultaneous orders in one place, we can make the shipping cost free.

You can subscribe to our services. This way your vessel will always be clean and you will pay less. The level of discount depends on several reasons, but usually, the level of savings can be 15-20%.

In season, the cost of cleaning increases. You can order the cleaning of your vessel from biofouling during low demand, thus get an additional discount.

Write us your offer, maybe we can offer you other opportunities to reduce the cost. Address for commercial matters is