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Underwater cleaning services

Cleaning boats

It’s no secret that boats are gradually fouling with algae, barnacles, shell-fishes and other sea flora and fauna. This leads to corrosion as well as deterioration of hydrodynamic parameters. Various researches show that annual fouling reduces speed of vessel 10% and more, increasing the load on the engine, increasing consumption of fuel, decreasing engine lifetime.

Our innovational underwater cleaning technologies handle this problem quickly, efficiently and in ecologically friendly manner. We do not use chemicals. Floods of water under high pressure, created by cavitation effect, clean your vessel with water under water quickly and efficiently, leaving no scratches on paint and no hazardous residues in the water.

You can order onetime cleaning (whole boat, or any of its underwater parts, like propellers and grids), or select annual subscription, ensuring that your vessel is free from fouling all year round. No matter when you want to use your vessel — it will always be waiting clean for you.

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Biological fouling has strong influence on speed of boats and cost of fuel. According to NSWC report*, annual fouling leads to decrease of speed by 10%. To compensate this factor fuel consumption should increase up to 40%.

*Peter Vietti, «New Hull Coatings Cut Fuel Use, Protect Environment». Currents, Fall 2009, p. 36-38./

Cleaning underwater structures

Apart from hulls and propellers, there’s lot of other underwater surfaces that require cleaning from bio fouling — pipelines, tanks, containers, drilling equipment, fishing nets and other underwater structures. Our equipment ensures quick and secure cleaning of both flat surfaces as well as complex geometry. We offer quick and most efficient cleaning with no chemicals and no hazardous pollution.

Prices — on request. Call us or send us an email, and we will respond your request promptly.