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Price for the boat cleaning. VAT (25%) is included.

Estimation, final price on request only.

Calculation of bottom surface area of vessel
Calculation of vessel sizes

Calculation of the distance between Aqua Clean and the vessel

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Price: 9 euro per square metre.


Price: 4 euro per metre.

Mooring ropes

Price: 2 euro per metre.

Cleaning of separate boat parts (propellers, etc.), as well as cleaning of other underwater structures (off shore platforms and port structures, pipeline systems, storage tanks, containers, fishing equipment, etc.) — prices on request.

VAT is included.

Annual subscription

This is unique possibility to keep your boat clean at any time. You do not need to spend your time making appointments with us, you do not need to wait.
We monitor your boat at your marina all year round and we guarantee it is clean at any time for you. You just come aboard and enjoy.

Price on request.